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Zero Torque. Zero Compromise. MEZZ.1 Custom makes it easy for any golfer to benefit from Lie Angle Balance. It looks pretty much like a normal putter. But it actually helps you make putts.

MEZZ.1 Custom is for standard-length builds only. For ArmLock & Broomstick builds, visit the MEZZ.1 MAX Custom page. 

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase.

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Zero Torque. Zero Compromise. MEZZ.1 Custom makes it easy for any golfer to benefit from Lie Angle Balance. It looks pretty much like a normal putter. But it actually helps you make putts.

MEZZ.1 Custom is for standard-length builds only. For ArmLock & Broomstick builds, visit the MEZZ.1 MAX Custom page. 

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase.

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Product Description

How It’s Made

MEZZ.1 Custom is our fully customizable mid-mallet putter that’s fully CNC machined from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum (body) and 303 stainless steel (midsection) to create our best-feeling — and we think best looking — putter to date. It includes 10 weights (eight on the bottom, two on the sides) that allow us to individually build each putter to a golfer’s exact specifications.

MEZZ.1 Custom is 100% Made In the USA and built and balanced in Eugene, Oregon.

Custom Fitting

The most important aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for your stroke. If you already have a L.A.B. Golf putter and like the fit, you can simply order a MEZZ.1 Custom to the same specifications.

Unsure about your lie angle? Email us a Remote Fitting Video, and we’ll let you know which Lie Angle is best.

Head Weight Options

MEZZ.1 Custom is available in three head weights: Standard, Heavy, and Light. Our standard weight is our most preferred, but if you’re someone who prefers a heavier or lighter putter we can build it that way.

Please understand that normal head weights and swing weights don’t necessarily apply to L.A.B. Golf putters because of Lie Angle Balance and the absence of torque. Our putters are a different beast. We’ve put in a lot of work to perfect our head weight options, and we make special weight accommodations for each putter based on the length, lie, shaft and grip selected.

If the weight of your putter hasn’t been a problem for you in the past, choose our standard weight. We also recommend standard weight for people who are on the fence or not sure. If you putt better with heavier or lighter putters, trust that instinct. Your putter is going to stay square by itself, which makes weight less important for most folks since they don’t need to hold the face square.

This also doesn’t have to be a forever decision. If you change your mind down the road about what weight you want, you can send your putter back to us to be re-weighted for $100.

Alignment Markings

Choose from 11 different alignment markings with MEZZ.1 Custom.


To optimize the performance of a MEZZ.1 Custom, we recommend it be paired with the Press II 1.5 degree putter grip.

For golfers that prefer to have their hands more forward of center at address (more shaft lean) or golfers who add too much loft through impact, we recommend the Press II 3 Degree or Press 1.L.


Shaft options for MEZZ.1 Custom include premium steel options, as well as offerings from Accra, BGT, and LA Golf Shafts. Learn more about our upgrade shafts here.


Purchase includes a headcover.


  • Finish: Anodized 6061 Aircraft Aluminum (Black) and Brushed 303 Stainless Steel.
  • Length: 28-38 inches (Standard).
  • Loft: 2.5 degrees static loft (1-degree of effective loft with Press II 1.5º).

45 reviews for MEZZ.1 Custom

  1. ericbeals (verified owner)

    Ive used the Mezz.1 for about a year and a half. I always felt like I fought the putter face and had to manipulate it on my Scottys…no more! This this is awesome. The first found I played was the best round of putting a ever had. Putting used to cause anxiety and now I cant wait to get to the green. The remote fitting was outstanding and the fitters are great to work with. I love it so much that I have ordered a Mezz.1 Max with a pistol grip (bothcame out after I bought my Mezz.1). Cant wait to get it but I will continue to enjoy the Mezz.1 until it gets here. I will never use another brand of putter.

  2. NN


  3. DIAH

  4. Robert Jennings (verified owner)

    1. Customer service is outrageously good. Response to my video within a day and all questions answered within hours. Delivery was 4 days with expedited option. Only complaint is the head cover – it is too small. I gave up – sent the head cover back – and now wrap the head in a towel to protect it.
    2. Visual – it is a good looking putter. We have a lot of good golfers at our club and every one of them compliments the looks. It looks much like any mallet putter – but the quality workmanship can be seen from a distance.
    3. Performance – it takes a bit of getting used to the weight, which I find lighter than normal but I think that is because you’re not fighting the head when swinging it. It kinda just flows. So, distance control takes a bit of practice because of the lighter feel. I have very few non-center hits. In 6 rounds I’m averaging +2 strokes gained putting than with previous putter. (Arccos measured)

  5. Tom Moore

    love my MEZZ.1

  6. Jonathan G

    Customer service team was excellent. Love my putter!

  7. David Stringer (verified owner)

    I would absolutely recommend buying the Mezz. I spent HOURS researching it and was definitely timid to drop that kind of cash on a putter that I’ve never even hit a putt with or physically held. It’s lived up to the hype and would recommend just going ahead and pulling the trigger! It has a unique weight and feel but it gets the ball rolling better than putters I’ve had in the past. Takes awhile to adjust to lag putting but short putts feel almost automatic. My only complaint is that they should’ve done a leather putter cover. The one it comes with is nice but if I’m dropping 6 bills on a putter it should come with a premium head cover.

  8. mmerfarooq (verified owner)

    This putter works as advertised.
    Stay squared throughout the stroke, even on the miss-hits.
    It just takes days to get used to it then it is game-on.

  9. Rick (verified owner)

    Received my Mezz 1 putter with stability polar shaft and 1.L grip. Played 9 holes with no practice and had 15 putts. So happy I purchased this putter best money I ever spent on a golf club. I’ve tried many putters over the years and this one is staying in the bag.

  10. Kyle C (verified owner)

    Been putting with the mezz for a couple months now and it’s been great. Confidence on the 3-6 footers has went way up. I went thru the online fitting process and it worked extremely well. Be sure to check out some of the videos LAB posts for tips on set up/speed. They were very helpful at the beginning.

  11. Rick Peddle (verified owner)

    Received my new Mezz.1 putter yesterday. Played 9 holes today with no practice and had 15 putts. I absolutely love this putter, the head weight is perfect, the feel off the face is perfect imo. I use to use a fat cat Lamkin grip sideways, so I went with the 1.L grip and it is one of my favourite things about the putter. Went with stability polar shaft and it feels so balanced. Best money I’ve spent on a golf club. Thank you L.A.B. Golf

  12. Beau Capanna

    I never like to be the person to leave a 5 star review or even a 1 star review, BUT this putter deserves 5 stars. This Tesla/military grade looking putter is different and can go whatever way for personal preference. However, behind the ball and at whatever distance before I take my putt, I truly feel like I can hole every putt with this putter. I struggled with putting and not knowing if I was face-balance or toe hang putter style. This putter solved all my problems straight away. I used to be scared of putting and pray I 2 putt every time. Now with the Mezz.1 I’m trying to hole everything. This putter is staying in my bag until forever until LAB GOLF come out with a new one I will try. Best putter brand in my opinion.

  13. Rob West

    The lie angle of my new custom Broom Handle Long Putter is to be made close to straight up and down – almost no increased the Lie angled! Please call to discuss. Thank you,
    Rob West
    [email protected]

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)

      Will do

  14. Leyla Shaw

    Superb Putter. I switched to this putter for my last game and got very good result. Thank you L.A.B. Team!

  15. Chris B

    I’ve never putted so well in my life! The MEZZ is just so stable … what I like to call “a point & shoot” type of putter. Pick the line, soft hands, no manipulation of the head, let the putter square itself, putt …. in the hole! I have the utmost confidence in this putter. I can make it from anywhere. Yes I get the strange looks “hey, WTH is that thing your putting with?” “You seem to make a lot with it.” Yes … yes I do, thanks! The Press II 1.5 grip fits perfectly in my hands & the black ACCRA shaft pairs with it perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their putting. Sam is a great guy as well!

  16. Linda

    I don’t have a Mezz.1 yet, but hoping…. Just want to thank you for making this putter for people who are short too!! Wow, I was interested in a similar-looking Callaway and the Titleist X, but the shortest they make is 32” – and for Titleist, that’s a 6-week special order. But 32” is still too long for this golf-addicted grandma lol
    So please get your colors going and I’ll try to do a video fitting in June (I did try one at the Superstore) and hopefully you can help make me a great putter!

  17. Derek (verified owner)

    I would strongly recommend finding a shop that has the actual club you are ordering so you can demo it. I ordered a Mezz sight unseen and while the product delivered was as advertised I hated the feel the overall putter off the face. Too soft/numb/tingy for my liking. Returning the putter immediately in perfect condition cost me well over $200 in lost funds. Try before you buy.

    That said I experienced excellent customer service throughout the process

  18. MQ (verified owner)

    Game changer for me. I have so much more confidence now coming into the greens. I cannot count how many 1 putts I’ve had with this putter, it has saved me many strokes per round. I still have some 3 putts coming up here and there, but its due to a bad habit of getting my hands to involved in my stroke/ bad read overall.

    Just rock your shoulders and let the Mezz do the work!

  19. Jose III Dacuycuy

    I have a B2 puttEr and I believe that it is the best putter I have ever used, I was so excited and eager to order my MEZZ putter but it seems like LAB golf doesn’t want my business. I have submitted my remote fitting video April 10 and my trade in on the same day. I don’t understand why no one ever contacted me or responded to my emails, no response the the messages I leave in voicemail. Up to the time of writing this review, I have not received any response from LAB golf. Unbelievably disappointing customer service from a company that sells premium priced putters. Just sad!

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)


      This isn’t like us. Our apologies. We must have missed it. Please send an email to [email protected] to get this sorted right away.

  20. John Levitt

    will the Mezz 1 XL be available at any time? I see it in the photos. Thx.

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)

      Hi John. It’s the head that we use for ArmLock and Broomstick putter builds to accommodate the heavier head requirements.

  21. Matt Sallie

    Hi gang,

    Sent an email enquiry 2 days ago and no response yet…

    Please reach out soon, as I’d love to take one off your hands!


    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)

      Hi Matt. Please send an email to [email protected]

  22. Matt sallie

    Hi Team,

    Wondering if you ship to Australia?

    Really keen to buy one of your Next putters like my compatriot, Adam Scott.

    I currently use an Evnroll Midlock, but unsure on what you’d recommend….

    Can you please advise or point me in the direction of a fitter here in Perth?

    Cheers ⛳

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)

      Yes! Please email [email protected] and we’ll help you get connected.

  23. Tim

    Used a long putter for 20 years and could putt lights out. Struggled with a short putter after the rule change until I found the LAB 2.1. Stayed in my bag for 2 years until I ordered the MEZZ. Awesome. Simply awesome. Great balance and alignment. Confidence has never been better. Would not make any changes to head, shaft, or head. Head cover seems cheap for a $500 putter but the putter itself is 5 star

  24. Darren Weingard (verified owner)

    Sorry for the length, but trying to give a full review. After owning more putters than I can count, and getting fitted for my most recent Scotty, I started looking at the science of lie angle balanced putters. I am sold, the science is legit.

    First, get fit. I chose the online fitting because after my recent fitting at a major agnostic fitting place that you’ve heard about, I questioned their skill. I felt like the LAB dudes knew more about their fitting process that even though it was on a video, it was better than I could have gotten in the three or so places in the Bay Area that do it.

    I shoot mid-80s and regard myself as a terrible putter. After my group stopped giving gimmies recently, it only made my lack of putting skill more obvious, as I miss routinely inside of 5-8 feet. Lately, I make a birdie maybe every few rounds or so, and rarely two or more.

    Put the Mezz into play without even rolling or swinging it at home. First round, 2 birdies, 2 significant (over 12 feet) par puts. Second round, 2 birdies, maybe one significant par (or maybe two) saving putts. Third round, no birdies, maybe one put I normally don’t make. Fourth round, 2 birdies, and two par saving putts (one short).

    So, I’d say it works and a definite improvement. It feels good, almost like it swings itself, but it definitely inspires confidence. The heel mishits that were commonplace with my Scotty (the pulled putts) rarely, if eve happen with the Mezz. That lone is worth the price.

    I got the Accra white. It feels stiff to me and stable. Kind of a sand papery feel when you touch it, but I feel like it was worth it. I have found that the Press 1.5 grip takes some getting used to. I’m not even sure I know how weak to make my right hand on it (as regards the line down the grip). I am experimenting with a weaker right hand, which seems to make the swing even more stable. Jury is still out.

    I have also found that ball position needs to change a little. I used to putt with ball forward of center, and now with Mezz, I think it needs to be more center of stance. I used to hover the putter before swinging but I think Mezz putts better with it on the ground before the takeway.

    Looks: wasn’t sold after the first two rounds. I feel like if the wings were a tad bit longer, it wouldn’t look so strange to my eye. It’s growing on me after the 4 rounds, but it’s a cross between Batman and the Stealth Bomber, and I just am not in love with the way it looks.

    After the 2nd round, I bought a stock B2 (hasn’t arrived yet as of this writing–oddly my custom Mezz came quicker than the stock B2). The B2 is an odd looking duck too (if LAB could figure out how to LAB an answer style blade, they could literally just print money), but I think it might be a little bit more pleasing to my eye. I figure it’s worth a shot and while the Mezz seems to fetch closer to retain prices in the rare event that one comes on Ebay, the B2 less so. But now that I have 4 rounds with Mezz I won’t be letting it go even if I like the B2 better. If the B2 works as well, I will always keep the Mezz as a trainer or practice putter. If I had to bet, however, I’d say the Mezz will stay in the bag and the B2 will be my practice putting mat putter at home. Little less forgiveness on the mat to teach me a better stroke probably.

    So, I believe the science and that is the big thing. Looks odd, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that you’d care less about an odd look when you’re making a bunch of putts you used to miss. I don’t think LAB competes with anybody, although maybe LA Golf’s newest offering. But that putter would have to be light years better than Mezz at $1500 to ever even get me to think about it, and then I would almost never pull the trigger. The Mezz actually is a great value at $500 (odd saying that) for what it does for you, if you were an inconsistent swinger/hitter like I was. When the pressure was on, I’d say I pulled putts maybe 50 percent of the time or more. Not true any longer.

  25. David S (verified owner)

    Received your mezz1 putter 3/15/2022 and tried it 4 times or rounds and find it to have no balance through my stroke. Is there any adjustments that can be made to enhance the club head from wobbling. Thanks

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)


      We’re sorry to hear that MEZZ.1 isn’t working for you immediately. We can often suggest a few quick suggestions that can right the ship. Our team will be in touch shortly!

  26. Adam (verified owner)

    I am in Love! Have had my Mezz for about five days now and it’s a game changer. Took about 15-20 strokes to get used to the look at address and having the ball slightly more forward in stance, but is now becoming automatic. I have noticed that my grip pressure is much less now and I’m getting great feedback. I opted for the LA Golf shaft and couldn’t be happier, amazing feel off of the face when rolled pure and good feedback/results on the others.
    I spent a couple of hours on the putting green and was amazed at the distance control that I was getting from the get go, especially on tricky putts above the hole.
    On getting fitted – my current gamer was fitted at Club Champion and ended up being a 67 degree lie angle, which I now realize is way too flat for me. For this putter – I spent over an hour at a local shop with the L.A.B DF fitting club (allows you to adjust lie angle and shaft length) I started off at 70 degrees, but wasn’t feeling great. I started playing with more upright lie angles and that’s when it started feeling much better to me. I ended up ordering a 75 degree lie angle, was a little nervous about the drastic difference from my current putter because of the overall price with the LA shaft, but am very happy with it. Would definitely recommend trying various lie angles before ordering if possible. Out of curiosity, I am going to send in for a remote fitting and see what lie angle is recommended.
    The only shots that I was having a little difficulty with are very long lag putts, was coming up a little short.
    Very Pleased – 5 handicap, hopefully trending towards 4 with MEZZ

  27. Raul

    I just got mind and took ot out on the putting green and loved it. The way it addresses and hits the ball it’s amazing. I’ve put closer and put the ball in quite often instead of my usual missed putts. Love it and can’t wait for the contentione.

  28. Reid Jones

    I am interested in the Mezz.1 broomstick. I would like to have white split grip tag at Adam Scott is using. Is this an option?


  30. Radd Lukas

    Interested in long (45 inch) putter. Please let me know when available. Thanks.

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      Hi Radd! This putter is currently available. Someone from the team will be reaching out to you shortly.

  31. Robert Taylor (verified owner)

    Got my new Mezz 1 putter in the mail today and it looks awesome! I have been using the DF 2.1 for a few months now and love the performance, but the size and shape is not as easy to look at as the Mezz 1. I got the black LA Golf 135gm shaft, and Press 1.5 grip and the feel off the face is pure and soft with good feedback on slight mishits. I’m putting it in the bag for a tournament this weekend for the first time playing it!
    Putting with it at home on my practice green and Perfect Putting mat, it is rolling really well and easy to line up. I made the first 20 putts I rolled with it from 3-9 feet on the small and large cups on my Perfect Putt mat! Thanks for making great products and keep innovating for all of us who live and breathe better golf!

  32. Lawrence Young

  33. Cody Keesee

    Love my putter, hate the head covers! Still five stars!

  34. Gerard Chapman

    need long putter 48 1/4 shaft.
    currently using old ping long putter 1990 vintage
    like heavy weighted head.
    grip top LH.
    please email when available

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      Someone will be in touch shortly!

  35. Michael

    Will Mezz.1 be available in long putter?

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      Yes, we are working on that and will send an email when it’s ready. Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list or follow us on social media to stay in the loop!

  36. Doug

    Why are you ignoring lefties?

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      Hi Doug. All of our putters are available for lefties and righties.

  37. Terry Denton (verified owner)

    Hi played 9 holes with my new mezz putter yesterday its the most stable putter I have ever used I love it

  38. Old Man Scoops (verified owner)

    This putter is FANTASTIC. It looks incredible and is extremely well built. Rolls the ball true, end over end, every putt. The tech, fit, and finish justify the high price tag. It does take a little getting used to but within 20 to 30 putts I was making everything. I needed to move my ball position slightly farther back. I added a white Accra shaft it performs wonderfully. The headcover is unreal btw. They must have completely rectified this after first couple putters. -One minor thing is that I wish the head of the putter was black and white when it is actually black and silver. Accra shaft in white looks so good, hard to believe the stability or LA are much better. Just buy it and start making more putts.

  39. Marlon

  40. Michael Crugnale

    I have the df 1 putter and loved the putter. Got the mezz1 with the la golf shaft. Have to say it’s the best putter I have ever used. It is forgiving, perfect size and looks great!! It is very easy to line up as well. Great job. Lab Golf putters in my opinion are the best on the market!!

  41. god_son00

    Just received my new Mezz1 today and it’s absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t be more please with the build of this product. The LAGolf shaft really makes it lighter and more control through my release stroke. Also, this new headcover fits like a glove and it deserves a woping 10/10 rating alone. I mean it’s really freaking nice guys!! You guys that got the older version headcover should upgrade ASAP because L.A.B got it 100% right now. Hell, the headcover is so badass, I need to order a L.A.B hat to match it. Phenomenal job with this product L.A.B Golf!!

  42. Brayden Roque

    Putter is absolutely amazing. Easy to line up, easy to hit your line every single time. Best feeling putter i have ever used. Only thing i dont like is the headcover, especially coming from a DF2.1 with the magnets to hold it locked in place, the included one just feels kind of cheap and not great. If one comes out for the mezz with magnets, it will be perfect in every aspect.

  43. Meraki Kim


  44. Steven Kirsh

    I love this putter, especially the solid feel. I used the original L.A.B. putter for a while, with good results, but frankly, I could not stand to look down at it. The Mezz.1 looks more like a traditional putter but has the technology of the original. I ordered mine with the BGT Stability Tour 2 – Polar shaft and the Press II 1.5 grip, but changed to the Press II 3.0 grip. I highly recommend the company and putter to everyone (except my regular golf buddies!)

  45. Noel m

    Great putter hope to see your presence on the tours more. One complaint I bought the new mezz and the whole head cover thing is a mess it came with this large headcover that doesn’t fit properly and can’t seem to find one that fits any new ones coming soon

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