Zero Torque. Zero Compromise. MEZZ.1 makes it easy for any golfer to benefit from Lie Angle Balance. It looks pretty much like a normal putter. But it actually helps you make putts.

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Zero Torque. Zero Compromise. MEZZ.1 makes it easy for any golfer to benefit from Lie Angle Balance. It looks pretty much like a normal putter. But it actually helps you make putts.

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Product Description

How It’s Made

MEZZ.1 is our new mid-mallet putter that’s fully CNC machined from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum (body) and 303 stainless steel (midsection) to create our best-feeling — and we think best looking — putter to date. It includes 10 weights (eight on the bottom, two on the sides) that allow us to individually build each putter to a golfer’s exact specifications.

MEZZ.1 is 100% Made In the USA and built and balanced in Eugene, Oregon.

Custom Fitting

The most important aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for your stroke. If you already have a L.A.B. Golf putter and like the fit, you can simply order a MEZZ.1 to the same specifications.

Unsure about your lie angle? Email us a Remote Fitting Video, and we’ll let you know which Lie Angle is best.

Alignment Markings

Choose from 3 different alignment markings with MEZZ.1: Blank (no marking), Line, and Dot.


To optimize the performance of a MEZZ.1, we recommend it be paired with the Press II 1.5 degree putter grip.

For golfers that prefer to have their hands more forward of center at address (more shaft lean) or golfers who add too much loft through impact, we recommend the Press II 3 Degree or Press 1.L.


Multiple custom and upgrade shaft options are available. Learn more about our upgrade shafts here.


Purchase includes a headcover.


  • Finish: Anodized (Black) and Brushed 303 Stainless Steel.
  • Length: 33-38 inches.
  • Loft: 2.5 degrees static loft (1-degree of effective loft with Press II 1.5º).

7 reviews for Mezz.1

  1. Marlon

  2. Michael Crugnale

    I have the df 1 putter and loved the putter. Got the mezz1 with the la golf shaft. Have to say it’s the best putter I have ever used. It is forgiving, perfect size and looks great!! It is very easy to line up as well. Great job. Lab Golf putters in my opinion are the best on the market!!

  3. god_son00

    Just received my new Mezz1 today and it’s absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t be more please with the build of this product. The LAGolf shaft really makes it lighter and more control through my release stroke. Also, this new headcover fits like a glove and it deserves a woping 10/10 rating alone. I mean it’s really freaking nice guys!! You guys that got the older version headcover should upgrade ASAP because L.A.B got it 100% right now. Hell, the headcover is so badass, I need to order a L.A.B hat to match it. Phenomenal job with this product L.A.B Golf!!

  4. Brayden Roque

    Putter is absolutely amazing. Easy to line up, easy to hit your line every single time. Best feeling putter i have ever used. Only thing i dont like is the headcover, especially coming from a DF2.1 with the magnets to hold it locked in place, the included one just feels kind of cheap and not great. If one comes out for the mezz with magnets, it will be perfect in every aspect.

  5. Meraki Kim


  6. Steven Kirsh

    I love this putter, especially the solid feel. I used the original L.A.B. putter for a while, with good results, but frankly, I could not stand to look down at it. The Mezz.1 looks more like a traditional putter but has the technology of the original. I ordered mine with the BGT Stability Tour 2 – Polar shaft and the Press II 1.5 grip, but changed to the Press II 3.0 grip. I highly recommend the company and putter to everyone (except my regular golf buddies!)

  7. Noel m

    Great putter hope to see your presence on the tours more. One complaint I bought the new mezz and the whole head cover thing is a mess it came with this large headcover that doesn’t fit properly and can’t seem to find one that fits any new ones coming soon

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