A Happy Accident

The best way to start this story is at the end. We worked with a Swiss company called TPT Golf to create what we believe are without a doubt the best putter shafts in the world.

Just about everyone who has tested the new L.A.B. Golf By TPT Golf putter shafts tells us the same thing: the feel and performance are unmatched. There’s nothing like it in any material and at any price point.

To explain, we’ll start with what we can measure. From a specifications standpoint, L.A.B. Golf By TPT Golf putter shafts are on-par with the very best putter shafts in the world.

Depending on your measuring tools, these shafts are stiffer and lower torque than anything else because of the incredibly advanced manufacturing process TPT uses to make these shafts. Increased stiffness and reduced torque is good because it helps golfers return the putter face to square more consistently.

But what makes these shafts truly special is what we can’t exactly measure, and that’s the feedback they provide. Tour pros, instructors, and every single person in our R&D department is raving about the instantaneous and clear feedback they get from L.A.B. Golf By TPT Golf putter shafts.

That wasn’t exactly what we set out to create when we started this process with TPT over a year ago. Call it a happy accident. Here’s how it happened.

How This Shaft Is Different

TPT’s process of building a shaft is pretty out there. Most shafts are made by hand from multiple sheets of carbon fiber. There are overlaps and seams in this process, which is why things like “shaft puring” exist.

TPT uses automated machines that continuously wind a single strip of carbon fiber in such a way that there are no overlaps or seams in its shafts. The fiber is applied so that every fiber angle is “on-axis,” which means every fiber is working together in harmony. It’s essentially a one-piece construction, and you can tell by the way it moves and feels.

What It Means For Golfers

When we gave the first tournament-ready prototype to Adam Scott, he called the feedback “instant.” We think that’s because L.A.B. Golf x TPT Golf putter shafts don’t have any imperfections that create “static” in the feel.

The feedback is quiet, clean, and ultra clear.

At L.A.B. Golf, we’re all about removing variables. And that’s what we planned to do originally with this collaboration with TPT. We simply wanted to create the straightest and most consistent shaft possible, which has its own benefits in getting the ball rolling with the right speed and on the right line.

But what we actually created was all of that plus the most incredible feedback machine we’ve ever seen in a golf shaft. With this shaft, you’re going to know when you strike it perfectly. You’re going to know when you don’t, too, and that’s worth its weight in gold.

We think the movement toward ultra-stiff, ultra-premium putter shafts is moving the industry forward, but we also know that it has come at the expense of feel and feedback.

The L.A.B. Golf x TPT Golf putter shaft is the first product we’ve tested that delivers both the highest level of consistency and best feedback than we’ve ever experienced.

It’s truly something new, and if you tune yourself into the feedback of this shaft, there’s no question you’re going to putt better because of it.

L.A.B. Golf By TPT Golf putter shafts are currently available for standard-length, arm lock, and broomstick builds: specifically DF 2.1 Custom, MEZZ.1 Custom, MEZZ.1 MAX Custom, and LINK.1 Custom.
The upgrade is $399.