Ever since we launched our first putter, Directed Force, golfers have been asking if we could make it less weird. DF3 is that putter. We took a chisel to the original Lie Angle Balanced putter to make DF3 smaller and sleeker while honoring the shape of the putter that started it all for us.

DF3 still does everything golfers love about the original. It stays square by itself. It’s still irrationally forgiving on mishits. But DF3 is going to be a lot more happy making to the vast majority of golfers because it sets up clean and feels and sounds like a dream.


Lie Angle Balance is the new frontier of putting. It has the power to resurrect careers on tour and make putting fun for the rest of us. Scientifically, it just makes more sense.

But designing a Lie Angle Balanced putter? Not so simple. Other companies have the benefit of creating a pretty putter head and then adding in any shaft or grip. We don’t do that.

Lie Angle Balance has to be considered in every aspect of the design. And then each individual L.A.B. Golf putter, including DF3, has to be hand-balanced by a very skilled and highly trained human.

We’ve learned so much over the years building Lie Angle Balanced putters, and it gave us a leg up in the DF3 design. We love every putter we’ve created, but in the past we had to make compromises around looks and sound to make putters Lie Angle Balanced. We didn’t have to do that with DF3.


The original Directed Force is our logo, so reimagining it was a pretty big deal to us. We talked ourselves out of it a few times, but in the end we decided it was something we needed to do. Our customers were demanding it!

So… we got obsessed. There are a lot more gray hairs in the building now. But eventually, we fell in love. We think golfers who don’t know anything about Lie Angle Balance are going to think DF3 looks incredible… or at least less weird.


Through a few important design tricks, we were able to make DF3 perform essentially the same as Directed Force. Like Directed Force, DF3 is “fully automatic.” That means you’re going to get the full experience of DF3 wanting to guide itself on the correct path on the way back and through.

Just like the original, mishits effectively don’t matter. Putts hit on the heel and toe will roll a lot like those hit off the center. There’s just less to think about on the golfer side with DF3. And isn’t that kind of the point in putter design?



We could say a lot about the shaping of DF3. The way the front and middle of the putter pushes in, for example, makes it look smaller and punches up forgiveness. We could also talk about the merits of the golf ball-sized cutout in the middle of the putter, but most golfers already know that story.

What you do need to know is our cutout has a function. We’re calling it “The Gimme Getter.” Because we all don’t make every 60 footer, we designed The Gimme Getter to pick up your ball on the rare occasion you happen to miss by a few inches. This brilliant innovation doesn’t belong to us, but we put it in there because it’s… well, bad***. A tip of the cap to the person who came up with it!


Options with DF3 Custom are pretty much unlimited. We make it in different colors and with tons of different alignment aids.

You can also choose from our extensive grip and shaft options. If you’re on the fence about grips, you can’t go wrong with our Press Pistol 2 Degree. Learn more about our grips here.

In terms of shafts, they really do change the way the putter feels and the feedback you’ll get. Our premium steel shafts are awesome, but please learn more about our other shafts here.


We developed what we call a “Remote Fitting” to make sure we’re making a putter that’s perfect for you. And you can do a Remote Fitting from just about anywhere.

So go ahead and start building your putter here,  and when you get to your Lie Angle selection just select “Not Sure.” After you complete your purchase, visit our Remote Fitting Page here, and submit your Remote Fitting video along with your order number. Our fitting team will work with you to determine your ideal specs.