ArmLock putting has been the fastest-growing putting style for many years now: not just with PGA Tour players, but also with club players and even recreational golfers looking for a way to make putting more fun.

The ArmLock style is a fantastic way to putt and worth a serious try for any golfer… especially if you’ve considered tossing your putter in a lake in the last 4-6 weeks.

But before you go ahead and pull the trigger on a new ArmLock — and especially an ArmLock putter with Lie Angle Balance — there are a few things to know. We'll start with the basics and build from there.

At L.A.B. Golf, we’re all about removing variables. That’s exactly what ArmLock putting does. By resting the putter grip against the lead forearm, the ArmLock putting style helps golfers eliminate wrist movement during the stroke that can cause them to push or pull their putts. ArmLocking can also help with inconsistent speed control for golfers that either flip their wrists or don’t always release the putter on schedule.

It doesn’t really matter how you hold an ArmLock putter, but most golfers use a conventional or claw grip where the lead wrist and forearm rest flat against the grip. As a result, the trailing wrist is set at a fairly significant angle.

With the wrists out of play, the stroke must either be driven by the shoulders or by the lead arm. Either way, removing the variable of wrist bend during the stroke is a huge lever in improving consistency.

The ArmLock style is also simple to execute — at least once golfers get comfortable with the significant shaft lean the style requires. Assuming a golfer aims well and applies the proper speed, the only demand of a successful ArmLock stroke is to keep the grip resting against the lead wrist and/or forearm from start to finish.

Why ArmLock Putters Are Better With Lie Angle Balance

A quick refresher on Lie Angle Balance Technology, or L.A.B. Tech for short. At L.A.B. Golf, we make putters that are torque-free, which means that their heads don’t want to twist or turn during the stroke. We have the patent on this.

This twisting and turning of conventional putters is why we think a lot of golfers try alternative methods like the Broomstick or ArmLock in the first place. They’re trying to make the putter head behave itself.

Going to an ArmLock with Lie Angle Balance is a double-whammy. You’ll get the dual benefit of removing the wrists from the stroke, as well as removing torque from the putter head. This means that you can lighten your grip pressure and let the putter swing naturally. It’s way better than trying to hold the putter head still.

Golfers have enough to worry about without thinking about torque. Maybe it’s breaking 80. Maybe it’s the course record. Maybe it’s the downhill, snaking 6-footer to take your buddy’s cash. Our point is you shouldn’t have to worry about your putter biting you in the rear.

  • How We Build Better ArmLocks

    The ArmLock putter market is growing, but it’s still extremely niche. For that reason, some of the big putter companies don’t spend much time thinking about their ArmLock putters. Some don’t offer them at all.

    But figuring out how to make putters better is what we do at L.A.B. Golf, which is why we do a few special things to make our ArmLock putters the last ArmLocks you will ever consider.

  • Our ArmLocks Sit Flat And Square

    To create their ArmLock putters, most putter companies simply add loft to the putter by bending the shaft. That saves them from having to develop special ArmLock putter heads, but it also creates a hooked face at address.

    What we do is drill a shaft hole with added shaft lean, which means the putter will sit perfectly square and flat at address… just like our short putters.

  • We Offer Remote ArmLock Fittings

    ArmLock fittings are surprisingly easy to do with our Remote Fitting process. Golfers who don’t have access to an ArmLock putter can send us a Remote Fitting Video with either their hybrid or their fairway wood depending on how long their ArmLock needs to be.

    Just ignore the fact that your hybrid or fairway wood is resting on its toe and make an ArmLock putting stroke. Our team will be able to dial in the lie angle and length no problem.

  • We Offer A Massive Amount Of Customizations

    We can build ArmLocks from 38 inches all the way up to 46 inches, and we can build them to just about any Lie Angle.

    We also make sure our ArmLock putters are built to a proper head weight, because a 39-inch ArmLock and a 44-Inch ArmLock generally require different head weights.