DF 2.1 Custom

Making Putts Is Even More Fun With A Totally Custom DF 2.1

3D Builder

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase. 

The DF 2.1 takes Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology to the extreme with an ultra-stable, oversize mallet design. The DF 2.1 Custom opens up our full monty of customization options including those for Arm Locks and Broomsticks.

(75 customer reviews)


Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase. 

The DF 2.1 takes Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology to the extreme with an ultra-stable, oversize mallet design. The DF 2.1 Custom opens up our full monty of customization options including those for Arm Locks and Broomsticks.

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Product Description

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase. 

We know… it looks a little funny. DF 2.1 users often spend the first few holes catching flak about the way their putter looks. And as the putts keep falling, they spend the rest of the round fielding questions from their playing partners about why it works so well.

How It’s Made

All DF 2.1 putters are manufactured and assembled in the USA. They’re 100% CNC milled from precision forged 6061 aircraft aluminum.

Custom Fitting

The most important aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for a golfer, which is accomplished through either an in-person or remote (online) fitting.

Unsure about your lie angle? Email us a Remote Fitting Video, and we’ll let you know which Lie Angle is best for your stroke.

Alignment Markings

Choose from 36 different alignment markings with DF 2.1 Custom.


To optimize the performance of a DF 2.1, we recommend it be paired with Press Grips that have 3 degrees of forward tilt: either the Press II 3 Degree, Press 1.L, or Press OG 3 Degree.


Shaft options for DF 2.1 include stock steel options, as well as offerings from Accra, BGT, and LA Golf Shafts. Arm-Lock and Broomstick options are also available. Learn more about our upgrade shafts here.


Purchase includes a DF 2.1 Headcover.


  • Finish: Type-3 Anodized (Black, Blue, and Red). 
  • Length: 28-38 inches (Standard), 38-46 inches (ArmLock), 40-50 inches (Broomstick).
  • Loft: 3.5 degrees static loft (0.5 degrees effective loft).

75 reviews for DF 2.1 Custom

  1. DaveO (verified owner)

    The best putters on the Planet!

  2. Dustin King (verified owner)

    Just received a custom DF2.1 with the TPT shaft… and this thing is the real deal. It is so stiff while still being able to feel the balance and putt. I was hesitant to spend the extra because the ACCR is so good already but sure glad I did. First day playing with the TPT shaft in my new customer broom and had my personal best day putting. Sank so many birdie putts my buddies wanted to check and make sure my putter was legal. With my I believe headcover and custom marking, everyone was amazing how much technology was in my putter. If you can splurge, get the upgraded TPT shaft. well worth the investment. I am trying to figure out how to upgrade my other Lab Putters to that shaft! Keep up the great work LABGOLF – you guys are killing it. on my 6th order and already thinking about my next custom build.

  3. Jim Arnold

    Used my new 2.1 armlock from pga superstore and no 3 putts for first time in months. Won member guest with my old college roommate from Citadel cant recommend it more. So easy to putt now with no pressure.

  4. Martin Medingdörfer

    I love my DF 2.1! It‘s a real putting machine, building up confidence and easy to handle. 1-ball- and 2-ball-drill highly recommended! In my 30 years of playing golf it is the first putter making putt practicing pure fun! Here in Europe LAB putters are even more expensive, because of customs charges, but the DF 2.1 is worth every cent!

  5. ali.talib

    Do you ship to Pakistan?

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)


  6. Keyser Soze (verified owner)

    Yes, I drank the kool-aid, bought in to the science, and can honestly say that getting a DF putter was one of my smartest golf equipment decisions. The science and technology behind removing torque from the putting stroke is the real deal. I went through the remote fitting process and Philip was super helpful and spot on in dialing-in my specs and answering all of my questions. I decided to go with a custom DF 2.1 putter for the added forgiveness along with the Accra shaft for the extra stability and could not be happier. The putter is exceptional in its craftsmanship and the customer service is excellent.

  7. Ted (verified owner)

    I have had my DF 2.1 for about 3 weeks now. I ordered a 46.5 inch broomstick,79. 5 degree lie angle with the # 19 alignment aid. I upgraded to the LA Golf black shaft. I have been using a long putter for many years now and have been considered a good putter. I was intrigued by the technology in the LAB putter and sent in my video and received my recommendation from Josh in a few days. I can honestly say this putter is the best thing I have ever used and it has taken my putting to a new level. If I miss a putt now it is because I have misread the putt. I cannot believe how many putts I have made in the past 3 weeks. I take my setup and just let the putter swing back and thru. The LA Golf shaft is fantastic and anyone questioning if it is worth the upgrade should not hesitate if you have the money. My lag putting has been incredible and ten footers are now gimmes. My playing partners gave me a lot of flack when they first saw it but now they are looking into buying one for themselves. I also cannot say enough about Josh and his superior customer service. I had a lot of questions before ordering and he was always there to answer my questions immediately.

  8. Paul Harris (verified owner)

    This putter is amazing. I went to pga store and tested the putter. It was not fitted for me so I left unimpressed. I keep doing my research and all the reviews were really good. Based on what I read getting fitted for this putter is key. Decent ball striker but I struggle with putting. So I took the leap of faith got fitted and ordered the putter. Played 4 rounds and all I can say is AMAZING. Feels so easy to swing. I use arccos and it assigns an index for your driver, approach, short game, and putting. Putting I am a 16 index. The last 4 rounds with this putter are a 7, 3, 3, and a +5. I am sinking 30-foot putts. Feels like I am cheating! We play a putting game daily at work. The newest rule is I can no longer use the DF 2.1 lol. I never write reviews but I feel like a fellow golfer could be on the fence. It’s hard to test the putter plus not cheap. DO IT. Not exaggerating when I say the index will be 10 before the end of the year bc of this putter.

  9. red_bordeaux (verified owner)

    Putting was not a problem for me, but i opted to try to be even better… got a custom fitted df2.1 with excellent support from the lab guys, shipped fast to Germany. On day 1 I knewthat this will make a difference, my beloved scotty cameron is now stored elsewhere, i won 2 of the last 3 tournaments, in one i was second place.,,,not only because of putting, but i am so confident on the straight putts, its even arrogant. My handicap changed from 18.9 to 14.6 in 1,5 weeks…thanks guys from lab golf-great product, great service. Recommend everybody to try this stuff, its not esoterics!!

  10. dean anderson

    After just one 20-minute practice session with my new DF 2.1 and its first round on my home course, I’ve clearly found my permanent go-to putter. This is after more than half a century fiddling with Acushnet/Bulls Eye, Titlist, Wilson, Cleveland, Ray Cook, Ping, Odyssey, TaylorMade, Scotty Cameron, and many others in between. Alignment is intuitive, ball placement with the forward press grip guarantees a smooth topspin roll, and with no face-flop to try to time or counteract (thanks to the lie angle balance already built in) the only question is how far to take the club back to get the ball to the hole. This club makes what used to be the most perplexing part of the game a joy to practice and take onto the course, especially with heel/toe strikes rolling just as far and straight as those on the “sweet spot.” Why it took club manufacturers this long to understand, and incorporate, simple rotational physics is a profound mystery. Well done, L.A.B. Golf!

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  12. David DeMartino

    Just recently ordered, the B2. Putting has always been a weakness. Moved from putter to putter.

    I saw info regarding L.A.B. technology and the no torque concept and I was intrigued. Worked with customer service and did a video fitting.. big shout out to those folks, they were great.

    Got my putter, been practicing indoors, I live in the northeast. The putter is fantastic!!! Best I ever had. Can’t wait to get on the green with it…

  13. Rudy Villarreal


  14. Cory Frazier (verified owner)

    First off, Jake and Liam were phenomenal with customer service and the fitting (sorry I couldn’t make it to Eugene, but thank you for all the help with the remote fitting). My 50″ Broomstick DF 2.1 came in a little over a week later (amazing turn time given that it is hand build to my specs).

    Day 1, I was only able to putt indoors on my 10′ Birdiemaker mat with my PuttOut. First putt from 5′ was perfect into the PuttOut. I about freaked.

    I then proceeded to make 35 putts in a row from 3′ to 9′ in length, varying the distances so I didn’t get more than 2 or 3 at the same length. I have never had a “perfect putt” from 7′ on my mat (until today).

    2 rounds in and based on my Arccos 7 handicap, for the round I was +3.5 strokes gained putting and round 2 I was +2.5 strokes gained putting. For reference, over my last 25 rounds on Arccos, I’m a +0.2 strokes gained putting, so these 2 rounds are a vast improvement from the old Ping.

    I love the roll the putter puts on the ball. It sits so square on the ground when you align with the ball line and it just doesn’t move off that line through the entirety of the stroke. It’s such a balanced and repeatable stroke.

    I’ve putted with a long putter for over 23 years and this is, BY FAR, the best feeling, consistent and easiest to putt with putter I’ve ever used.

  15. Robert (verified owner)

    Got my custom DF 2.1 putter yesterday and played in a tournament with it today. I had never played a round with it, but was so comfortable lining it up and hitting putts at my house that I decided to give it a go, finished in first place today! I had one 3-putt from about 65 feet, left it about 12 feet short, but otherwise putted really well, especially from inside 8-9 feet. My lag putting/long range putts were not great, but I think I just need more practice time with how hard to hit those with this putter. They were right on line just short usually. I have the DF 2.1 black with alignment aid #19, 35″, 69 degree lie angle, and Stability Tour Polar white shaft, Press II 3 degree grip. The feel is very soft, and the putter feels light as to swing weight. The ball rolls very pure off the face, and mishits seemed to lose a little distance but stayed on line. After today, it doesn’t even look “funny” to me anymore. Thank you for designing a great product, and I hope I continue to improve my putting with your invention!

  16. Adam Horne

    This putter is “The One”. I’ve tried everything, face balanced, toe hang, blade, mallet, and even armlock but now I’ve finally found my putter. Thank you L.A.B. Golf!

  17. marc tanaka (verified owner)

    I have both putters. I got virtually fitted for both. Both have stability shaft in them. The feel is softer than i anticipated… i am unsure if that is because of the shaft or the head itself. My guess would be the shaft. The putter feels relatively light. I have the press grip which i find amazing. A couple things that required a learning curve for me was that…. I got custom fitted but was used to choking down(this throws off the balance point so don’t do it), it’s center shafted making aiming slightly different than i was used to(meaning address off of inside front toe), also it’s forward pressed meaning i didn’t need to forward press my club. Once i understood those basic ideas i started to see the fear in my foursomes eyes. We play one putts. With the blad and mallet i feel so confident in my putts. I think i putts slightly better with the blad but when I’m on with the mallet it’s scary good. I just go to the course early and see which is hitting for me. Im an average putter in general but understood the easiest way to lower my score was to lower putts. Right now i average about 32 putts a round but that’s because my chipping isn’t where it should be. That’s my next project. I’m on my journey to hitting below 30putts average. My real goal is to hit 27 putts. I one putt the blad more often than the mallet but the confidence on both is through the roof.

  18. Jospeh Saputo

    Since I’ve received my directed force #5 of 10 May the Force be with you, I have shaved 5 putting strokes per round.
    may the Force be with you all!!!

  19. srwooley

    I’m genuinely excited to hit any putt 15ft and in with this putter. By far my favorite club in my bag. Unfortunately I’ve shared how much I love this putter with playing partners and now 3 of them bought one also.

  20. Josh Thompson

    Bought the Limited Edition “This is the Way” DF2.1 and almost instantly dropped 6 strokes per round. Hands down the best putter I’ve ever used and it will be my forever putter. Love it.

  21. Tom DieBold

    Because putting makes up ~40% of your score, your putter has EVERY RIGHT to be the most expensive club in your bag. Getting custom fit is easy and accurate via the remote fitting process. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the tech in this putter, which quite simply just WORKS. I only miss a putt if I misread the break or speed of the green, since the putter is putting a perfect roll on the ball. Get yourself one, you WILL NOT regret it.

  22. Roger Tate

    D2.1 custom 3 degree handle alignment 19. Best putter I have ever used. On line fitting worked perfect. Amazing how light it feels. Using alignment 19 marking almost feels like cheating, having a directional line approximately 4 inches long. The putter also helps me feel cross slope. There is a balance point on the bottom of the putter so when setting up over the putt and placing the putter on that specific point letting the putter settle into an open finger tips you can feel the slope of the green. If the putter end closest to you slightly goes down the put will break right to left (assuming you are right handed), and the same break if the putter settles away from you. It took me two weeks to figure out how to putt with it on a consistent basis. First barely grip the putter so your grip does not influence the balanced swing the putter was designed to do. Second Putt with shoulders do not use wrists at all. These two things almost totally eliminated pushing or pulling putts. The 3 degree handle balls roll flawlessly from impact to hole. I personally could not putt using a forward press motion and continuing that hand motion through the putt and this putter handle solved my problem. I do get a lot of comments regarding the branding iron size putter but those comments quickly turn into can I try it after I drop putts on a regular bases from 10-12 feet. Very rarely miss any putts inside 5-7 feet. 6-10 feet has been a pleasent surprise with accuracy. Bottom line I have gone from averaging 37 putts per round to 26.

  23. Michael Greville

    I bought my custom putter in December prior to the change in prices. This putter was competing with a custom ‘Newport’ style putter than had been in my bad for 17 years. Played with the DF2.1 for 20 rounds to help benchmark, and learn how to put with it. Long putts were great 4 footers I struggled with. For 10 rounds I alternated between incumbent and DF2.1. Another 10 rounds with DF2.1 was all I needed to feel comfortable on all putts – DF2.1 is now in the bag every round. Extremely stable through the strike. Once you learn how to set up and stroke, user error goes away and technology takes over. Great product even if it is ‘Fulgy’.

  24. Lee Myers

    I invested in a DF 2.1 Custom in Black with Stability tour stealth shaft with press grip, which looks stealth!

    First time on the course, I endured a lot of mickey taking for the size and abnormality of its looks, which is increased with being in the UK and the rareness of putter.

    The confidence in all putts is immense once you realise you just have to aim correctly and get the ball to the hole and boom! I shot 34 putts first time then 30 the second now shooting 27-30 consistently. Invest the big money for the low scores. Needless to said the mickey taking soon stops when you are taking the money!!!

  25. Jordan U

    I was the type of putter that suffered from a severe case of the yips. It got to the point that even 1ft putts didn’t feel like gimmes. Pulled the trigger and purchased the Lab DF 2.1. I’m more confident with putting than ever before and feel that my putting is now a weapon. The craziest thing is that when I miss a putt I no longer feel like throwing my putter into the water.

  26. joelolson_2000

    Took 5-10 strokes of my game. Just shot two 79s in a row. It feels so good to know that everything under 4 feet is automatic and also be confident in your ability to knock down 10-20 footers. It takes some practice to get use to how hard to hit long distance shots

  27. joelolson_2000

    Took 5-10 strokes of my game. Just shot two 79s in a row. It feels so good to know that everything under 4 feet is automatic and also be confident in your ability to knock down 10-20 footers. It takes some practice to get use to how hard to hit long distance shots as it is light and you have to swing a little harder than it seems like you should

  28. Travis

    Really nice putter and love the grip.

    I find that I putt better with this putter for short putts but longer putts are not as reliable because the face is soft soft

  29. Joseph Parent (verified owner)

    Just received my DF 2.1 39 inch Arm Lock version a week ago and have put it into play immediately. I had only tried one in a golf store several times and was impressed with the way the ball came off the face. Seemed to hit the ball straight as an arrow. I really like the arm lock version and the custom fitting was a breeze. I don’t putt true arm lock but rather a sidesaddle arm lock, facing and looking right at the hole. Only improvement I would make is either an insert or some grooves to soften the feel a little. But the putter is great. No I’m not sinking everything but the three putts are gone, which was killing my scores. I see nothing but good things ahead with my DF 2.1

  30. Dick Owen

    Had this putter custom fit locally and have been using it all summer. My playing partners gave me grief at first for its looks, but they shut up after they saw how it improved my putting!
    Love it!

  31. Gary Huller (verified owner)

    Got my 2.1 putter about a month ago. I am making many more 4-5 footers than I ever have. I look forward to every round so I can use my LAB!

  32. David Bergsma

    My custom DF-2 is amazing! It took me a few sessions with a putting mirror to really dial it in, but once I did everything changed and I am averaging 4 putts per round less than prior to acquiring the putter and that amazing grip that handles the forward press so well. I love the thing.

  33. David Bergsma (verified owner)

    My custom DF-2 is amazing! It took me a few sessions with a putting mirror to really dial it in, but once I did everything changed and I am averaging 4 putts per round less than prior to acquiring the putter and that amazing grip that handles the forward press so well. I love the thing.

  34. randal sparks

    We get fitted for irons and drivers, but the PUTTER is the most important fitting.
    Sam is the best! He fit me and it works GREAT!
    The technology of the putter works, it hard to miss anything inside of 5 feet
    Makes putting FUN

  35. Matthew Gove (verified owner)

    For the last 1.5yrs all we have heard is “follow the science.” Well, I DID!! After hours of YouTube research of reviews I was sold on the “science” and went all in for a custom DF2.1. The video fitting process was simple, the ordering process easy, and customer service outstanding! Since putting this weapon in play I’ve carded my best round ever (66) and many other subpar rounds. This putter is so good, it has more than paid for itself in skins $$$$…hint – use the putting drills demo’d by Bill in his YouTube videos. Will never use another putter!!!

  36. Jeff Morrison (verified owner)

    I played around with a stock 2.1 at the local golf store. I like the feel and drill every putt. I like a longer shaft and began considering a custom 2.1. I went through the fitting process and received my custom 2.1. I first used it during the club championship and putted pretty well. I have used a few times since and love it. I would and have recommended LAB to others.

  37. Mike Furman

    Just received my putter a few weeks ago. Very much looking forward to getting more rounds in with the pressure on!

  38. Mike Furman

    Bought my putter last month. So far so good. I really the concept just need some more competitive rounds under my belt!

  39. Eddy Whitaker

    Looks goofy but feels amazing. Absolutely love this putter, it has outstanding feel. While it looks a bit unconventional, it works and that’s all that matters.

  40. Ryan Beardmore (verified owner)

    It’s been a month now. I purchased a DF 2.1 Broomstick putter. I keep waiting for the honeymoon phase to end, but it’s just gotten better. I’ve made more putts in the last month than I’ve made in the last year. It’s easy to line up and it’s even easier to hit it on line. I’ll never go back to another style putter again. I’m sold!

  41. John F Duval

    The standard DF 2.1 I got last year was good, but the DF 2.1 Arm Lock model I have now has changed my game!

    Since I switched to the arm-lock style, I’m averaging 1.6 fewer putts per round according to The Grint. That’s massive. The putter draws some funny looks and sometimes gets made fun of, but the laughing stops when the putts start falling and they have to reach into their pockets!

    The alignment marks work amazing with a line on the ball and the forgiveness is amazing. Normally a poor stroke leads to missed putts, but some bad strokes sometimes go in anyway with this putter. The technology works – Thanks to the Lie Angle balancing, the face simply doesn’t want to rotate open or close during the stroke. On a SAM Putt Lab machine the guy running the tests with me couldn’t believe the lack of face rotation during the stroke.

    This thing works, and with the arm lock method it’s even more effective. There’s no going back now… I’m all in with LAB!

  42. skrandel (verified owner)

    It’s a game changer. You will struggle with leaving your putts short at the start. The putter is so balanced that it almost “disappears” during the swing.

    But, once you master the distance control, you WILL putt better. Just use a relaxed grip and let the putter do the work. It’s awesome!

  43. Ivory J Nellar

    Very satisfied. I was very impressed with the process of designing my 2.1 putter, but after researching the different elements, I am very satisfied with the results.

  44. Martin P Black

    I’ve had my DF 2.1 Armlock putter for about 6 weeks now. It is 40″ long, has a 67-degree lie angle (the most upright) with 3 degrees of shaft lean (effective loft of 5 degrees). It is the most expensive putter (by 2.5x!) but also the best one I’ve ever had. I’ve reduced my average putts per round from 34 to 30 and have broken 30 a few times (shot 69 last week with 28 putts). This putter is great on smooth & true greens.

  45. James Click

    Most solid putter I have ever used

  46. Anthony Crivelli

    This putter is the main reason my handicap dropped from a 4.5 to a 1.6. It just works. If you can figure out the line, this putter will put your ball on that line every time. Get past the look and start draining putts.

  47. Jason (verified owner)

    First, let’s start with the fit. There is no issue there. I’d recommend just going for the most upright lie angle you can get (79.5) for a broomstick. This is vital for the putter to work. More on that later. I also got mine at 46.5” (I’m a towering 5’10” tall).

    The putter itself. This took me a little practice to get used to. You see, with my previous long putter, I held the putter at perpendicular to the ground. I didn’t realize the heel was off the ground, that’s just how I had put before. The old Dave Pelz rock your shoulders up and down with a vertical long putter. So, in the beginning, I couldn’t find the sweet spot on the putter! Turns out, it’s because I wasn’t stroking it on the lie angle. I struggled to get this DF 2.1 to work until I realized I had to set up with it soled and stroke it on the correct angle.

    Once I figured out that you need to have the putter soled flat on the ground and stroke it on the lie angle, the stupid thing is automatic. Suddenly, it feels solid and you can’t miss when you line it up correctly. I chose alignment marker 28. For me, this was the best one for picking a spot on the green to be aligned to. Now, the only putts I miss are the ones I misread. Seriously. Lie angle balanced almost feels like more of a cheat than anchoring, long putters, or arm-lock putters. It’s that automatic once you figure out how to stroke the putter on the lie angle.

    Are these putters expensive? Yes. Will you be a better putter if you use them correctly? No doubt!

  48. Geoff Reimer

    Absolutely love my DF 2.1 Custom Putter. The video fitting was easy to do and the team provided instant feedback and recommendations. The distance control and accuracy is incredible. The Press Grip really makes the putter work for you. I have been using the DF 2.1 for about a year. With this putter, every putt is make-able! Strongly recommended.

  49. Elliot Goldman

    I was very skeptical but after reading all the information a few times the concepts made sense so I took the leap and had a putter made for me. I could not be happier as this device really makes being a consistent putter simple. I don’t three putt anymore and making those 3-6 footers is much easier. I love mine

  50. Paul Van Vleet

    Since I’ve been using my Directed Force 2.1, I’ve drop an average of six putts per round. Some competitors make fun of it’s looks, while I’m crying all the way to the bank!

  51. Alex Hughes

    I was lucky enough to get one of the custom Masters edition putters. I have always struggled with my putting and get streaky at times. This putter has helped me bridge the gap a little more and I have much more confidence on the longer putts as well as the short putts. I have an awkward putting grip and stance, but it pairs well with this putter. Everyone jokes about the size of the putter but after about 7-8 holes I don’t hear any more jokes usually after I make a few nice 8-10 footers. Overall very happy with everything about the putter. Distance control over 30 feet takes some getting used to but I hope that I will have this in the bag for years to come!

    Only gripe is they need to release more custom headcovers!

  52. Adam Kane

    The price might scare you, but it shouldn’t. Making more putts and misses are closer then with my old putter. Love everything about it, even the look!

  53. Bob Thomason (verified owner)

    I’ve played long putters for 30 years and this one is by far is the best. Great balance,feel, and with the custom weighting makes it very easy to putt. With the custom lines you can make it your perfect putter.

  54. case

    Hard to imagine i will ever hit another putter again. As someone who swings crosshanded, this putter makes like so much easier. its a true “set it and forget it” mentality, much like the old george foreman grills. Pick your line and swing the club, you dont even have to think about it. spend a couple extra bucks and get it fitted to your height and lie angle.

  55. Todd Duran

    Honestly the best putter I have ever used. I’ve had it this season and played 15 rounds with it and never more than 30 putts a round. It really is just point and shoot. You can almost forget about keeping the face square and really focus more on line and pace. Its weird and odd to get used to, but after a few days and a couple hours on the practice green, i’ll never go back. Great feel off the face. And the look really grows on you.

  56. Cole Hutton (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the DF 2.1 putter! The fitting process was quick and simple and ever since I started using the putter on the course my putting has improved tremendously, especially from distance. Before this putter it was almost impossible to make anything outside of 10 feet and now I am making putts from 20-30+ feet with ease and if I do miss the next one is an easy tap in. This putter has changed my game! I now look forward to putting, it has given me the confidence I need to step up and hit a putt. It is now my favorite club in the bag.

  57. Paul Barrow (verified owner)

    Have reduced my whi from 25.7 to 20.6 just by using my new putter; awesome piece of kit!!!

  58. James Meukel

    Never had a putter roll a ball like this does. Absolutely love it!

  59. Matt Peacock

    Absolutely love this putter, I liked it immediately and it’s getting better the more I use it. So good for short-range putts!!

  60. John Craig (verified owner)

    Just received 2.1 Long with Jumbo Max grip. Holed a 20 footer with first putt. Looking to make many more. Great feel, perfect specs!!

  61. Mike Griffiths

    Unbelievable product from an unbelievable company! Can’t thank the team at LAB Golf enough for their fabulous service to me all the way from the UK! If you’re not sure just buy one, put(t) the practice time in and you will see the results! Thanks again LAB ;-))

  62. Richard Alexander (verified owner)

    I believe Bill Preese is on point with the L.A.B. putter, this is an exceptional putter and I am enjoying more one putts that I did with my Scotty. Once you start stroking without your hands trying to manipulate the face…like we all have been (fitted or not) this putter is awesome. Love it!

  63. Thomas Harlem

    Playing all my rounds with ARCCOS, and my putting strokes gained went from -2.1 to -0.9 over an average of 25 rounds with the LAB df2.1.

    Opinions are subjective, numbers are facts.

  64. Mahesh Mani

    Had the lab DF 2.1 for 2 years now and can confidently say no other club in my bag has paid back as handsomely as this. I’ve been a good putter but the lab putter has improved it significantly and given me over 2 shots stroke gained on every round. My long putting, short putting is now spot on. Cant be without my lab putter.

  65. John Salvin

    I have found a few putters over the years that I putted well with but really all I had mastered was the torque … sometimes. This is different. If you don’t manipulate it, it’s stays online everytime. Just amazing.

  66. lonnie gilmore

  67. George McNamara (verified owner)

  68. Petr Tippelt (verified owner)

  69. Peter Sewell

    Wonderful feel from my new L.A.B. Putter and after 3 rounds of Mickey taking from my playing partners the only thing I’m taking now is there money. My World H/C index hovers around 4 and I can honestly say they I have never holed so many putts from 12 feet and in it’s brilliant.

  70. Jacques

    Do you ship to south africa?

    • L.A.B. Golf


  71. samthornal

    Fun picking it out but have not used it

  72. Trent Beekman

  73. Danny Marks

    Mind blowing technology. It made my entire life better! Well…most of it anyway

  74. Kim Trung

  75. Bill Kepler

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