MEZZ.1 USA Headcover

Fits MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX

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A lot of us are frustrated about things, but this headcover should serve as a reminder that America is still the greatest country in the world. We have the freedom to make our dreams a reality. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need help. 

To turn the idea of Lie Angle Balance into something golfers could enjoy, we had to work together with so many wonderful people: physicists, chemists, engineers, machinists, techies, creatives, suppliers, and business folk. And because we’re in America, we could find all of these people in our backyard.

6 reviews for MEZZ.1 USA Headcover

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    I have had this head cover for several months now. No problem with the cover staying on, or the magnets holding. The first couple of weeks, I just gave it an extra push, to make sure it was completely seated. The cover is absolutely beautiful, and I would buy it again.

  2. Mark C.

    The magnets are terrible! These covers are weak for the price. Gonna find a 3rd party product.

  3. TBH

    Magnet is weak. Head over is stylish.

  4. N maiden (verified owner)

    Magnet to weak, was hoping the quality would be better and made in china come on! Disappointing that LAB can’t figure out the headcover game. I would use a different one but the putter is so unique that others will not fit properly

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      Please email [email protected] so we can get you a working cover.

  5. T quinn (verified owner)

    Needs a stronger magnet. Falls off all the time but it looks great.

  6. joseph anthony Barbuscia (verified owner)

    Very disappointed this great patriotic headcover is made in China.

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