MEZZ.1 MAX Custom


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Outrageous stability. Now available for Standard-Length, Counter-Balanced, ArmLock, and Broomstick builds.

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase.  

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Outrageous stability. Now available for Standard-Length, Counter-Balanced, ArmLock, and Broomstick builds.

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase.  

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Product Description

Please Note: Expect delivery 5-6 weeks from the time of purchase.  

How It’s Made

MEZZ.1 MAX Custom is fully CNC machined from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum (body) and 303 stainless steel (midsection).

ArmLock and Broomstick models have sixteen sole weights – twice the amount of a standard-length MEZZ.1 putters – to meet head weight demands. 

MEZZ.1  MAX Custom is 100% Made In the USA and built and balanced to order in Eugene, Oregon.

Custom Fitting

Unsure about your lie angle? We offer fast and accurate Remote Fittings… and they’re free! Start a remote fitting for standard-length putter here.

If you’re ordering an ArmLock putter, visit our Remote Fitting page and follow the instructions ArmLock video. You can also learn more about our ArmLocks here.

If you’re ordering a Broomstick, follow the normal Remote Fitting instructions if you already have a broomstick putter. If this is your first broomstick putter (congrats!), send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll walk you through the fitting process. You can also learn more about our Broomstick putters

Alignment Markings & Colors

Choose from 11 different alignment markings and 6 colors with MEZZ.1 MAX Custom.


To optimize the performance of a MEZZ.1 MAX Custom (standard-length), we recommend it be paired with the Press II 1.5 degree putter grip.

For golfers that prefer to have their hands more forward of center at address (more shaft lean) or golfers who add too much loft through impact, we recommend the Press II 3 Degree or Press 1.L.


Shaft options for MEZZ.1 MAX Custom include premium steel options, as well as offerings from Accra, BGT, and LA Golf. Learn more about our upgrade shafts here.

Head Weight Options

MEZZ.1 MAX Custom is available in three head weights: Standard, Heavy, and Light. Our standard weight is our most preferred, but if you’re someone who prefers a heavier or lighter putter we can build it that way.

Please understand that normal head weights and swing weights don’t necessarily apply to L.A.B. Golf putters because of Lie Angle Balance and the absence of torque. Our putters are a different beast. We’ve put in a lot of work to perfect our head weight options, and we make special weight accommodations for each putter based on the length, lie, shaft and grip selected.

If the weight of your putter hasn’t been a problem for you in the past, choose our standard weight. We also recommend standard weight for people who are on the fence or not sure. If you putt better with heavier or lighter putters, trust that instinct. Your putter is going to stay square by itself, which makes weight less important for most folks since they don’t need to hold the face square.

This also doesn’t have to be a forever decision. If you change your mind down the road about what weight you want, you can send your putter back to us to be re-weighted for $100.


Purchase includes a headcover.


  • Finish: Anodized 6061 Aircraft Aluminum and Brushed 303 Stainless Steel.
  • Length: 28-38 inches (Standard), 38-46 inches (ArmLock), 40-50 inches (Broomstick).
  • Loft: 2.5 degrees static loft (1-degree of effective loft with Press II 1.5º).

36 reviews for MEZZ.1 MAX Custom

  1. Robert Hever (verified owner)

    I switched from a 2020 Newport 2 to an armlock mezz 1 max custom with TPT shaft.

    I’ll be honest it took me a long time to find my pre shot routine, alignment, and tempo both moving to an armlock and a new putter head. In fact, it’s been two months and I’m still figuring it out. I put lots of hours indoors and luckily got 5-6 rounds in December in Vancouver.

    Those first rounds did not go well and I felt awkward. My putts per round increased from 31.9 to 34.6. Getting my distance right on lag putts and just knocking in 2-4 footers felt contrived.

    Fast forward — I still feel like a fish out of water with the armlock, but my SG don’t lie and often I’m surprised by the stats after the round. My make percentages on 10 foot and in are significantly improving. These are on terrible Canadian winter greens too :)

    All that said, I think my struggles are more to do with learning a new style (armlock with claw vs traditional) — I can’t fault anything with this putter.

    The putter is fantastic A+++ … the head comes off slower than my Newport 2 but faster than most mallets. It isn’t a dull thud but a lively hit that provides organic feedback to my hands (TPT shaft is the best graphite shaft I’ve ever putted with). Incredibly stable + Way more forgiving than my newport too.

    Going with Lab was a no brainer for me… armlock really doesn’t work well without a custom fit.

    Can’t go wrong here if you’ve got the cash give it a shot you won’t be disappointed.

  2. JDF99

    Purchased the Mezz1 Max last April through Virtual fitting. While skeptical, the logical concept/positive reviews was enough to push me into giving it a chance (By far the most expensive putter I have purchased).
    As an 8 index, putting has always been the most inconsistent part of my game averaging between 33~38 putts a round.
    TLDR: I am glad I took a chance on this
    You can certainly feel a difference compared to a conventional putter, but the learning curve is not steep unless you have a really funky technique or it was not fit correctly.
    The only thing I wish I did was opt for the heavier option as I prefer to use the weight of the putter head to control pace (Also tends to be windy in my area).
    During the season, I did manage a personal best (28putts) and could get a bit better as I get more reps in.

    This is the first time in long time I am not constantly thinking about testing other putters. The only one (maybe) is trying a broomstick model to compare, but those are basically a unicorn to find around here to try out.

    Thank you LAB Golf,

  3. D.Keith Thunem (verified owner)

    I received my Mezz Max broomstick a few weeks ago. This is my off season in northern Minnesota, but I’ve got a portable putting green in my house. I was a little disappointed initially, but this is a style of putting I’ve never tried. I’m a 12 handicap and average just over 42 putts per round…I HAD to do something! Anyway, I watched a few videos and with a little time and patience over the last couple weeks, I’m loving this putter. As soon as I let go of my old faults and trusted this putter, everything fell into place. I’m confident that this will save me at least 5-6 strokes per round. Thank you LAB Golf!

  4. rjsperka.golf (verified owner)

    Recently received my Mezz.1 Max. Standard style in Blue. I had putter fit via your online instruction. Very easy and result was perfect. I am low handicap/competitive player who struggles with proper alignment of putter to the target I have selected. I had been looking at LAB putters for several years but could never get comfortable with buying DF.1 putter. The Mezz1.Max has similarities to my current Toulan putter. Whereas I live in the north and have not used putter in a “live round I have used inside on practice green. My early review is that the M1Max has addressed my alignment difficulties. Set the putter down and it self aligns. The forward press with the grip is great for a left hand low putter which I am. Feel is solid and feedback from putter strike is spot on. The anti face rotation is real benefit. So easy to hit putts on target line. Putter exudes confidence.

  5. Chris Conrad

    Have been the owner of each LAB model at one time or another. A back injury is putting the MEEZ 1 MAX in my arsenal and I am excited to receive it;

    Chris Conrad
    Taylorville, IL

  6. Wim Hiddema (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. I had remote fitting done and bought the Mez.Max custom with Accra black shaft and 3degree Press 2 grip. Needed some tweaks afterwards and I can honestly say that Philip
    Lazich and the LAB team provide some of the best customer service and after sales support I’ve ever experienced. These guys are very knowledgeable and have a tonne of patience. They are extremely passionate about their putters and are genuinely committed to help you play better golf with their instruments. You make the world a better place. Thank you very much!!

  7. Jim

    Once i got use to this putter it turned my game around. I feel as though L.A.B. Putter has cut 3 strokes off of my game. You all need this. I’m

  8. Joe Gillis


  9. Brett Mayo (verified owner)

    Mezz 1 Max Custome Order with TPT Upgraded Shaft Review:

    -Do yourself a favor and upgrade your shaft to the TPT
    -Do yourself a favor and send in a remote fitting so their golf techs can measure your personal lie angle for your putter!

    I was custom fit by @CalvinGreen … Calvin was absolutely lights out in terms of product knowledge and customer service. Not only was he able to provide out of this world customer service, he also walked me through every question I had! Calvin, Thank you brother for being a true professional.

    As for the Putter…. WOW…. Just WOW… Standing over top of the putter, it now feels like I am in total control, total control of my line, and total control over my pace and speed rolling the rock! Truly something to be said about the remote fitting and how well the putter works over top of the ball. THE UPGRADED TPT SHAFT MAKES EVERYTHING!!! The feel and the feedback produced with every strike is something I have never yet experienced from a putter. Truly world class, best in class experience.

    If you are reading this and you are hesitant about pulling the trigger. My advice for you is to send in the quick remote fitting (had my custom specs quicker than 24hrs). Do your game a favor, if you are going to drop 600 really think about upgrade the shaft and spend the extra 300. I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, cant wait to roll this in tournament play!

    Take care

    Kind regards,


  10. Richard Bogen

    Been a LAB fan for a few years now with a DF2 and Mezz Armlock. Decided to try Broomstick again at a PGA SS (used to anchor before rule change) and traded my DF2 Armlock for a DF2 Broomstick. Ten minutes on the practice green pre-round and I literally had my best putting round of the year. All of the non anchoring wobble was gone. Can’t wait to upgrade my Mezz Max now.

  11. Michael O’Brien (verified owner)

    Update- Changed my putter from a standard LAB MEZZ 1 Max, to a Mezz 1 Max Broomstick, 44 inch cappuccino, 79.5 lie. WHAT A PUTTER. if you have never tried a broomstick before, do it. Putting was one of my weakest attributes of my game (18 handicapper). With the broomstick it has changed my putting and shaved strokes off my game. Also just wanted to shout out Angie in customer service, she helped me do an exchange with 0 Hassel. really Digging this company. The putters are not cheap, but they are worth every penny. Thanks LAB.

  12. Scott (verified owner)

    I played a Newport 2 for 20 years and consider putting the strongest part of my game. However, I will say that the Mezz Max has made the largest improvement out of any new golf club I’ve purchased. This includes all clubs, not just my putter. The most impressive thing is the consistent speed control on lag putts. It’s difficult to 3 putt with this thing. Great job LAB Golf!

  13. Mike

    Really is a game changer.

    No 3 putts the first 3 rounds with it and have more confidence from 15 feet and in than I ever have!

  14. Koh Dengshan (verified owner)

    Saved me at least 4 to 5 shots every event from 3 and 4 feet!

  15. Joshua Mau

    I have the Mezz.1 and this is by far the best putter I’ve owned ever. This is coming from a guy who’s owned every single putter imaginable and has tried every single style of putting. I wish the Mezz.1 was available when I was playing in college….

  16. Michael OBrien (verified owner)

    played my first round with my Mezz 1 Max today. If you use this putter correctly, it will make your putting better. I use the alignment tool on the golf balls that im using for every putt, now with this putter it makes it even more accurate, I never “miss hit” a putt like i have on my other putters. You can definitely miss a putt, but its more down to poor green reading then miss hitting the shot. Really loving this thing so far.

  17. Peter Finnegan

    These putters are changing players playing careers, hoping it changes mine.

  18. Dat Hong Truong

    I’ve seen my friend used this LAB Golf and very impressed.

  19. Dave Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m 6’5″, 65 y/o 7 index whose putting started to suffer. Tried mid-length, left hand low, which worked better. Saw A. Scott, so bought Mezz-Max Custom, broomstick; heavy; 77 degrees, 44″. Started making 12-20 footers that wouldn’t go before. Then made a bomb (80+), which of course is mostly speed + luck. But that’s the difference. The club seems to take your ‘view’ of speed (weight) of the putt and translate it. Long putts stay close. Short putts track. If you struggle, try one of these L.A.B. guys, it’s worth the money, compared to what we all spend on the game elsewhere. just imho. Dave J.

  20. dougcampbell68x3 (verified owner)

    I purchased the Broomstick model Mezz.1 Max. The first round I used it I shot my age 73 with 4 birdies. It is without a doubt the best feeling putter I have ever owned in 52 years of golf. Yes It costs more than some more recognizable brand names but In my opinion it is well worth the money .

  21. David W. (verified owner)

    The Mezz Max has completely restored my confidence on the greens. Quite honestly, it’s like cheating!

  22. Boz-Stix (verified owner)

  23. chenglinhan

    I do not know so i buy it

  24. seung pak (verified owner)

    Just played 2 rounds with MEZZ.1 MAX putter and I had one of the best putting days ever. Just line up the 3 lines and stroke it. It’s my new favorite putter.
    Definitely better than a Scotty !!!

  25. Nathan

  26. Neil Crouch

  27. Matthew Sauk (verified owner)

    I have played two rounds with the Max Custom and LAGolf shaft. This thing is sooooo smooth. Now it’s only two rounds, but my putting has been highly accurate. It is going where I want it, and the touch has also been great. Maybe it’s a fluke, but so far, everything has been as advertised

  28. Mark Nickson (verified owner)

    What a piece of kit the MEZZ.1 Max is. I took the Custom option with the Black Head, “T” alignment, Black Accra shaft & Press No II 3°, with heavy weights due to previously owning DF2.1 since 2018
    Great Remote Fitting Service & Delivery to UK.
    Thanks again LAB

  29. Y. Kaneko

    Looking good!

    Works as well!


  31. Chris Cuneo

    That’s ridiculous that you don’t make a mezz 1 in a left handed model! Wth?

    • Zak Kozuchowski (verified owner)

      We do!

  32. jkiely07

  33. bburichsmith (verified owner)

  34. rjw133

    Regarding the upgraded Broomstick 47′ Length putter Shaft: Want the best one: LA Golf P-Series 180 Black
    Please confirm!

    • Zak Kozuchowski

      If you haven’t already, send us a note at [email protected]. We offer several different options for Broomsticks because they’re all a little different!

  35. Larry O Longley

  36. Millicent Horvath


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