Our Team

The L.A.B. Golf Team



Certified (and certifiable) golf nut Sam Hahn has a background in business, golf, marketing and sales and a deep passion for team building…and putting!

Matt Schuth


Around the office, we call him Matty McShanks. This nickname was tragically earned. Though, lucky for us, you can’t shank a putter. Matt was raised on a family-owned golf course where his passion for every aspect of the game was cultivated. He was a scratch player by the time he was 13 and had a very successful junior career before hanging up the competitive spikes to pursue his education at the University of Oregon where he graduated with a degree in economics. L.A.B. Golf has provided the opportunity to combine his education with his unwavering devotion to the game of golf. In addition to his ability to manage personnel, supply chain, and production, he is known to us as the putter sommelier. His feedback on our prototypes is invaluable as he is the only one in the company who’s putter pallet is able to pick up on the subtleties of oak and peaches that the rest of us mere mortals seem to miss.



Renegade, maverick club designer Bill Presse IV was a master club builder at 20 years old and brings 30+ years of golf industry experience to the table