Mezz-Merizingly Balanced


Mezz-Merizingly Balanced

It Looks Normal… But It Actually Helps You Hole More Putts

Looks are important, but so is science. That’s why MEZZ.1 looks pretty much like a normal putter. But unlike normal putters, MEZZ.1 actually helps you hole more putts. 

Like all L.A.B. Golf putters, MEZZ.1 is 100% Lie Angle Balanced to make putting easier and more fun. It feels like magic… but it’s just science.  

MEZZ.1 is also plenty forgiving… and it might just be our best-feeling putter. 


The most important thing about a L.A.B. Golf putter is that it feels comfortable in your hands. Choosing the right one can be simple as trying a few different L.A.B. Golf lengths and lie angles at a golf store and going with the one that feels best. 

You can also do an Online Remote Fitting or an In-Person Fitting with a L.A.B. Golf Retailer. If you go the fitting route, we’ll build your L.A.B. Golf putter to your exact Length and Lie Angle. 

We offer Lie Angles from 63 to 79.5 degrees. All are programmed to stay square to your putting arc all by themselves. You won’t have to hold the face square like you have to do with every other putter. You can let it stay square. 

You’ll be amazed at how many more putts you’ll start on line.




With MEZZ.1, you’ll feel the contact more than you will with DF 2.1. This is great for golfers that want a little more feedback about how their putter is moving and can help with controlling pace on ultra-slick putts.  

Our original Lie Angle Balanced putter, DF 2.1, is quite large and has a high-MOI. That combination makes it feel like it’s gliding on rails. Some golfers want this fully-automatic experience, while others prefer to have a little more control and that’s what MEZZ.1 delivers.  

P.S. For maximum feedback, check out B.2. It’s not as forgiving as MEZZ.1 or DF 2.1 on off-center hits, but if you’re going to play a blade like B.2 you probably don’t miss the sweet spot much.  


If you need a refresher, we dive deep about Lie Angle Balance on our Technology Page, but the short story is that your putter has been working against you your entire golfing life. And that’s because of torque.


MEZZ.1 uses our most advanced construction to date. The midsection of the putter is fully CNC machined from 303 stainless to improve feel. The body of the MEZZ.1 is fully CNC milled from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum to improve forgiveness.

So you’ll get the feedback of steel but you won’t suffer the penalty when it comes to forgiveness on off-center hits because it’s wrapped in an aluminum chassis.

You’ll also notice that we’re using 10 weights – eight on the bottom, two on the sides – that allow us to optimize balance and head weights for all different lie angles and lengths. 

Every MEZZ.1 is hand-balanced and tested by our craftsmen at our headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.

Any Grip Will Fit

MEZZ.1 is our most flexible putter when it comes to choosing a putter grip. Most golfers are going to prefer our Press II 1.5 putter grip with MEZZ.1, which is our smallest and most traditional putter grip style. It’s going to make the putter feel the most like a normal putter.

If you like big putter grips or have a forward press, we recommend one of our 3-degree Press Grips. Here’s a cheat sheet on how to choose:

  • Press II 3.0: If you prefer a flat-front putter grip. 
  • Press OG 3.0: If you prefer an elliptical-shaped putter grip.
  • Press 1.L: If you prefer an oversize elliptical-shaped putter grip.

Learn more about Press Grips.



It’s Ok To Switch Putters!

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Like most golfers, we like switching putters. It’s fun to get inspired by a new shape and sound. What we hate is having to adjust our stroke to a new putter. But L.A.B. Golf putters don’t have that issue. 

Because all L.A.B. Golf putters are all Lie Angle Balanced, you won’t need to change your stroke when you switch to another L.A.B. Golf putter. Whether you’re using a DF 2.1 or a MEZZ.1 or a B.2, the torque profile will always be the same: ZERO. 

With other putters, making this kind of change is going to cause some problems because you’re going to have to adjust to a different torque profile. There’s a reason it’s hard to putt with a blade after putting with a mallet, and vice versa. This is true when you switch from a blade to another blade, or from a mallet to another mallet, too. Because the torque changes, your stroke has to change. 

So there you have it. We’re giving you permission to switch putters as often as you want as long as you’re switching between L.A.B. Golf putters.

Alignment Markings

Right now, we’re offering three different alignment aids for MEZZ.1: Blank, Line, and Dot. All three pair beautifully with our secondary alignment features that are built into the design of MEZZ.1.

Shaft Options

The stock shaft offering for MEZZ.1 is the True Temper Stepped Matte. We’ve worked hard on the tipping of these shafts to give them the perfect stiffness and feel. 

If you want to upgrade your putter shaft, we offer multiple options and colors from ACCRA, BGT, and LAGP.

Learn more about Choosing The Right Putter Shaft.

You’ve come this far. You might as well start building a putter.