Respectfully… Better


Respectfully… Better

Linking The Past And Future

So many golfers love the look of blade-style putters. Yes, they’re beautiful, but they’re not always the best for making putts. 

What we did with LINK.1 was honor the shape of these legendary putters but make them dramatically easier to use by adding Lie Angle Balance.

Stop Battling Your Blade

Like all L.A.B. Golf putters, LINK.1 is designed to stay square to your path during the stroke. That means there’s no need to try to keep the face square like there is with other putters. All you have to do is LET the face stay square.

Think about that for a second. How many more putts would you make if you could trust your putter to be square at impact?


Uses A Normal Grip

Our goal with LINK.1 was to make it a no-brainer for blade users to make the switch. That starts with a simple blade head shape and extends to the grip, too. LINK.1 is made to be used with normal grips like our new Simple Rubber and Simple Cord. 

We actually DON’T RECOMMEND using a Press Grip on LINK.1 because unlike our mallet putters, the design of LINK.1 doesn’t require a forward-leaning grip.

How It’s Made

To bring Lie Angle Balance to LINK.1, we hyper-engineered it from 303 Stainless Steel. The putter head is 100% CNC Milled in the USA, and there are four screws on the heel side and six on the toe side so we can offer a wide range of length and lie angle options. 

Please don’t adjust these screws. They’re installed by our craftsmen in Creswell, Oregon, and our craftsmen spend a lot of time getting the weights just right in the building and balancing process.

There’s magic in those screws. 

Link.1 Vs. Mezz.1

On the fence between LINK.1 and our mallet putters? If you really want to look at a blade, don’t worry about LINK.1 being less forgiving than our mallets. The most important thing about putting is having a consistent face angle at impact, and that’s what LINK.1 and all L.A.B. Golf putters are made to do. 

One more important note. Because all L.A.B. Golf putters have zero torque, there’s really no adjustment period when you switch to different L.A.B. Golf putter models. That’s why so many Labbers have multiple L.A.B. Golf putters.

Sometimes golfers want to putt with an oversized mallet. Sometimes golfers want to putt with a mid-mallet. And now, golfers can add LINK.1 to the rotation when they want to putt with something classic.




Fitting Is Critical

LINK.1 is not always an off-the-rack magic worker. If the putter sole lays flush to the ground at address and the length feels comfortable, you’re in business. Go ahead and buy it. 

If not, we want you to go through a fitting, which is fast and easy to do. And there are two ways to do it. 

Fitting Option 1: Fast And Easy (And Effective!)

We developed what we call a “Remote Fitting” to make sure we’re making a putter that’s perfect for you. And you can do a Remote Fitting from just about anywhere. So go ahead and start building your putter, and when you get to the step about Lie Angle just select “I Don’t Know It.” After you complete your purchase, we’ll send you a video with instructions on how to make a 5-6 second smartphone video that will allow us to nail in your length and lie angle. 

If you prefer to get your specs before purchase, you can watch the Remote Fitting instructional video here and submit your Remote Fitting video to [email protected]

Fitting Option 2: IRL

You can go through an in-person fitting at a L.A.B. Golf Fitting location. Find your nearest location here.


If you’re anti-fitting for whatever reason, we do offer a LINK.1 Stock option of our most popular Lie Angle (69 degrees). Same putter. Same everything. Just a little lower price because it’s more straightforward to build.

We sell more 34-inch, 69-degree putters than anything else. This spec almost always works for golfers who play clubs that are fairly standard. All LINK.1 Stock putters come with a L.A.B. Golf Simple Rubber grip and a single alignment line on the flange.




Alignment Markings

With LINK.1 Custom, we offer five (5) different alignment aids. They’re laser-etched to order at our headquarters.

Shaft Options

With LINK.1 Custom, we offer multiple upgrade shaft options. Not sure on your shaft? This article might be helpful.

You’ve come this far. You might as well start building a putter.