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Product Description

We’ve developed this headcover from the ground up to fit LINK.1 STOCK and LINK.1 CUSTOM.

Its unique closure includes extra-strong magnets with high-quality stitching throughout and an ultra-plush interior to keep your putter snug and cozy.

The BLACK version of this headcover is understated and includes some thoughtful details. People are going to be curious about what’s inside!

The USA version honors our commitment to manufacturing and assembling each L.A.B. Golf putter in the United States.


2 reviews for LINK.1 Headcover

  1. John Courtney

    Bought the Link.1 and love it. For me, it works best from range. Balls just go arrow straight on the line I send them. That’s all I can hope for. Until a putter helps me read greens, I’d say this is probably as close to cheating as you can get with the short stick.

    It feels really good too. Centre shafted blades can be a bit harsh in both sound and feel, but not this one.

    It’s staying in the bag until Link.2 arrives. The best bit though….. nobody notices it.

  2. Norm Richards

    My putting stroke is consistent so I’m able to putt well with most putters. That said, for me it comes down to preference. I ask myself “what looks good to me at address?”

    I love the look, feel, consistency, technology and distance control I get with the LINK 1. It literally checks all of the boxes of what a putter can and should provide to turn a poor putter into a good one and a good putter into a great one.

    Yes, it’s expensive, but so what? There are 2 clubs that fall into the expensive category, of course your driver and then your putter! Not to be redundant, but it’s the one club you use on every hole. This beauty can literally last a lifetime, providing you treat it with respect. Consider it an investment into enjoying your game and having fun.

    I found this putter because my best golf buddy plays the Direct Force and is almost a scratch player and WOW, can he putt. And so while that awesome behemoth putter is not my taste, the LINK 1 fit the bill for me!

    I give L.A.B. Golf credit for creating a breakthrough concept that works putt after putt. I suggest that you run, don’t walk to the nearest golf store that sells L.A.B. Ask the wife to take a second job, get a promotion, by it on credit or if you’re simply rich, just get it! You’ll be happy you did!

    To your best golf ever from a former PGA Player Manager who still shoots single digit and at 81 is always several strokes below his age.

    To my fellow golfers, I sincerely hope that this review is helpful.

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