L.A.B. Golf Hoodie

Only 150 Available!

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Product Description

We’re as stoked as you are that golfing in a hoodie is now socially acceptable! We found the perfect cold-weather golf garment. It’s warm, cozy, and water-resistant.

Grab them before they’re gone. We only made 150 total! Enjoy!

Quantities Available By Size

  • Small: 10
  • Medium: 20
  • Large: 50
  • XL: 50
  • 2XL: 20

6 reviews for L.A.B. Golf Hoodie

  1. Garrett D (verified owner)

    Instantly my favorite sweatshirt. Soft, warm, perfect color and printing quality – you will not find a better hoodie. I’ll be wearing this for years to come!

  2. Eric Rutledge

  3. Roussel Jean-Luc

    You’ve to provide this model in red to be assorted with the other colours of your putters.
    Truly yours.

  4. Erik Schuth

  5. Josh Epstein

    I love my new Mezz putter!!!

  6. Josh Epstein

    Love my LAB putter!!!

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